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Fitness base 'Lviv Switzerland' situated near Lviv, a 10-minute drive from the Auchan hypermarket on the side of the ring road in the direction of Kiev.

By visiting the recreation you have a great positive experience and good mood. Clean air, nice view - will make your stay a memorable one.

At the recreation center playground is where you will spend time with pleasure. Also for children there is a playground




Price List 2019


Entry for territory

сars 40
minibus 50
per night 70

Login and leisure  


Swimming in the lake, beach, playground, swing, gym, volleyball, basketball, mini football grounds, shower and toilet.

adult  and holidays 50
пmonday-friday 40
children 7do14 years         (na1 first adult, two children) 25
children up to 7 years (entrance only with parents)  


junior 950
standard 850

Rent of pavilions

№,17 300
№13,15 325
№4,5,7,8,9,10,11 495
№16,20,24,28 545
№21 645
Conference hall   2490
Barbecue with firewood   180
Additional firewood   110
Extra time (for indoor) after 21 hours. 200
Using a boat 0.5 hours.. 150
Table Tennis (two rackets and ball) 0.5 hours. 50
Chaise (lease) from 10.00-20.00 hours. 80
Camping one car up to 4 people 800
4-more than one nation. 90
Tent (installation) era 150
Ball (deposit 300 ). one o'clock 30

  Holiday running from 10 to 20 hours 

Map of the pavilions LOCATION

Weather in Lviv

Погода во Львове


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